About Us

I grew up in a home where "homemade" was always better than store bought and so I've always had a creative "itch" to scratch. I'm also like many of you who somehow always manages to forget that birthday or special event. So with all of these thumping away at me daily - PS-Creations has been born.
PS-Creations, a shop of homemade items, either for yourself or that special someone/event you want to recognize. Items can be custom made or made from templates I already have. Have you seen a shirt you love but don't know where to get it; ask, I just might be able to recreate it for you. Looking for that last minute recognition gift for a co-worker or teacher; I have plenty of fun ideas and if you don't see it, I bet I can create it.
Ps-creations.com was born from a love of crafting.  It is my hope that my passion, joy and happiness received from creating wonderful product will transfer to you for receiving this fun product.   
Thank you for your support!